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October 23, 2011

Diamonds for quantum networks and computing

There are more than a dozen promising ideas for technology to implement quantum computers. One of them uses nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamonds. There was recent news about a theoretical study of how this technology could be used to implement coupled qubits.

This technology is especially interesting as it can also be used for a closely related purpose: controlled emission of single photons for applications in quantum information networks. Research just published explains how nanoscale diamond crystals can be fabricated on a single chip in an efficient, scalable process.

Diamonds, Silver and the Quest for Single Photons

Building on earlier work, scientists and engineers recently developed a manufacturing process that allows them to craft an assortment of miniature, silver-plated-diamond posts that enable greater control of light producing photons at the atomic scale. The research could prove important for future generations of quantum computers.

Prior research demonstrated how nanowires carved in impurity-laden diamond crystal could efficiently emit individual photons, an important discovery for using light to rapidly read and write quantum-based data.

Now, research shows that novel nanostructures–silver-plated-diamond posts–can also control the speed at which the process emits individual photons.

The development supports efforts to create robust, room-temperature quantum computers by setting the stage for diamond-based microchips.

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