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September 6, 2011

Sex with Neanderthals, we’ve heard that. But now, with almost anything on two legs?

Those were the days, my friend…

Sex with Neanderthals, we’ve heard that. But now, with almost anything on two legs? – Knight Science Journalism Tracker

Interesting synchronicity in human sex news over the last few days and also about a week and a half ago. First came a flurry of reports, from a Stanford group’s paper in Science, that interbreeding by our H. sapiens ancestors with Neanderthals may have left a good many of us with stronger immune systems. That detail adds to a stream of news in the last year or two that not only Neanderthals are in the human ancestry mix, but that in Siberia a group dubbed the Denisovans, also of near-human nature, seem to have been intimate with some of the first humans to enter their territory.

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September 1, 2011

Stone tools shed light on early human migrations

Stone tools shed light on early human migrations – Nature News

The discovery of stone axes in the same sediment layer as cruder tools indicates that hominins with differing tool-making technologies may have coexisted.

The axes, found in Kenya by Christopher Lepre, a palaeontologist at Columbia University in New York, and his team are estimated to be around 1.76 million years old. That’s 350,000 years older than any other complex tools yet discovered.